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Study Finds Most Women with Lupus can Have Good Pregnancies, Identifies Risk Factors

Fox News—June 23, 2015

Fox News reporter Alexandria Hein reports that Hospital for Special Surgery's newly published study called Predictors of pRegnancy Outcome: bioMarkers in antiphospholipid antibody Syndrome and Systemic lupus Erthematosus (PROMISSE) found that women can expect a good pregnancy outcome if their disease is inactive and they are free of certain risk factors. 

"Our findings provide a clear direction for counseling patients, and reassuring women with inactive lupus," Dr. Jane E. Salmon, lead researcher and director of the Lupus and APS Center of Excellence and Collette Kean Research Chair at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, said. "We also learned that patients with specific clinical features and certain antibodies that can be detected early in pregnancy by blood tests, have an increased risk of serious pregnancy complications."

The PROMISSE study included 385 pregnant women with mild to moderate lupus.

This story originally appeared on www.foxnews.com.


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