Do’s and Don’ts for Before and After Your Marathon—October 13, 2014

What you do the week before your marathon or half marathon and the week after can reduce your risk of injury and speed your recovery. Mike Silverman, a physical therapist at the Hospital for Special Surgery gives this advice to walkers, runners and run/walkers who are tackling the marathon or half marathon.

The Week Before Your Marathon or Half Marathon

1. Don't try anything new. You should have been trying out your gear, clothing, anti-blister and anti-chafing preparations, hydration and energy snacks on your long training days.

2. Avoid any high-intensity workouts the week before your race.

3. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is important for athletic performance. This can be a challenge if you are traveling to a race, so try to factor getting a good night's sleep into your race planning.

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