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Patients Seek A Different Approach To Hip Replacement Surgery

National Public Radio—July 15, 2013

Every year more than a quarter of a million Americans have total hip replacement surgery. It's almost always a successful operation that frees patients from what's often described as disabling pain.

But in recent years, there's been lots of discussion on the Internet about "anterior approach" hip replacement, a surgical technique that's different than the standard procedure. It's one that proponents say can lead to quicker recovery, three to four weeks compared to six to eight weeks for typical surgery.

Some people have been willing to give it a try, even though there's no conclusive research showing it's better than other approaches.

NPR spoke to Dr. Michael Alexiades and Dr. Thomas Sculco to hear more about the anterior and posterior approaches for hip replacement surgery.

Listen to and read the full story at NPR.org.


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