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Metabolic Bone Disease Fellowship

Joseph Lane, MD, Chief, Metabolic Bone Disease Service and Fellowship Director

Duration: 1, 2 or 3 years
Stipend: $94,151.32 (2018/19) per annum/benefits (subsidized housing also available)
Location: Hospital for Special Surgery; NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital; Weill Cornell Medical College

Goals and Characteristics
The Metabolic Bone Disease Fellowship program within the combined orthopaedic, medical and radiology bone consortium represents the continued commitment of Hospital for Special Surgery to train clinicians and scientists in basic and applied research. The goal is to provide highly motivated fellows with the clinical knowledge and research skills necessary for a successful career in academic orthopaedics and/or medicine. The HSS Metabolic Bone Disease Fellowship is designed to provide the participant with an ongoing, in-depth experience in the medical management of patients with metabolic bone disease. For orthopaedists, emphasis is placed on operative and non-operative management of all problems of musculoskeletal disorders, including diseases of the lumbar spine, trauma, orthopaedic oncology, and degenerative diseases. Through participation in ongoing clinical programs, lectures, academic conferences, supervised patient care, research projects, and in-depth surgical exposure, candidates completing the fellowship will have developed sound principles and sufficient experience to manage musculoskeletal disorders. The candidate will also be exposed to basic research dealing with connective tissue, injury and repair, and reconstruction. Previous training for the Metabolic Bone Disease Fellowship includes all medical residencies and fellowships, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology, pathology and orthopaedic surgery.

At the end of the fellowship, the fellow is expected to present a research project to an appropriate forum within the hospital, usually a staff conference attended by surgical, medical and research staffs. The fellow is also expected to submit abstracts of completed projects to national meetings for presentation. Finally, the fellow is expected to submit a manuscript on a completed project for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

An exit interview is conducted with each fellow to evaluate the supervision and teaching skills of the attending physician and to evaluate the overall critical material and research abilities of the program.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Patient Care Responsibilities:
    Residents and Fellows make rounds together daily with an attending physician and cover three to five half-days per week for patient office visits and rounds. In the event that the attending physician is absent, the Fellows are expected to provide back-up coverage and obtain an alternative staff physician for consultation as needed. Each fellow will cover the monthly Metabolic Bone Disease Clinic, the weekly Metabolic Bone Disease Conference and the weekly Osteoporosis Patient sign-out.
  • Surgical Responsibilities (As Indicated for an Orthopaedic Surgeon):
    The Metabolic Bone Disease Fellows are the primary surgeons on service cases under the supervision of the attending staff and are the primary assistants to the attending physician on private operative cases. Fellows are expected to assist the anesthesiologist as necessary to facilitate the position of the patients, arranging x-rays, double-checking instruments, etc. At the time of surgery, fellows will be taught techniques of surgical procedures, including kyphoplasty and treatment of pathological fractures.
  • Research Responsibilities:
    The fellow will be taught how to design and develop a research protocol directed at both clinical and basic research. At the end of the fellowship, the fellow will have in-depth experience in the most current research techniques and will be able to conduct independent research. Fellows choosing the two- or three-year program can obtain an advanced degree in Clinical Research Methodology.


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