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Image - Laboratory Staff

Laboratory for Joint Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Our overall focus relates to common soft tissue injuries seen in athletes and active individuals.

Our laboratory investigates the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms of healing of joint tissues that are involved in common sports injuries, including tendon, ligament, meniscus, and cartilage. This research complements clinical practice, as injuries to these tissues are common, requiring surgical intervention for:

  • tendon repair
  • ligament reconstruction
  • cartilage repair and transplantation
  • meniscus repair and transplantation

A particular strength of the program is the close collaboration between clinician-scientists and a multidisciplinary team of investigators with expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, biomechanics and biomaterials, which informs research that has strong clinical relevance and that can ultimately be translated to clinical applications. As a clinician-scientist, my overall goal is to use our research findings to develop novel and innovative therapies for our patients.