Many of our specialists offer virtual care.

At HSS Queens, patients can expect the same world-class specialists and care as in our Manhattan campus in a convenient, location closer to home. Located off of the Grand Central Parkway and directly across from St. John’s University, this center offers industry-leading orthopedic and sports medicine services for patients seeking pre- or postoperative care and treatment. Radiology and imaging services also available onsite.

Our Specialties


The physiatrists at HSS specialize in nonsurgical treatments of spinal and sports-related injuries, as well as diagnostic studies to determine whether patients have nerve or muscular disorders such as lumbar or cervical radiculopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other debilitating conditions. 

Sports Medicine

HSS is committed to providing a broad continuum of care to the athlete from the initial consultation to any surgical or nonsurgical treatment and finally, rehabilitation. HSS Queens sports medicine physicians focus on personalized treatments and physical therapy to get you back into the game. 

Services at this Center

Physician Office Visits

Whether it is a first-time injury or a chronic condition, HSS expert physicians and surgeons employ the most advanced techniques to establish a precise diagnosis and treatment plan. Noninvasive care such as casting and bracing are available for your recovery. 

Radiology and Imaging

HSS radiology and imaging specialists use cutting-edge equipment and the latest imaging techniques and diagnostic protocols for a highly effective, integrated approach to your treatment. At HSS Queens we offer onsite digital X-ray. 

Our Physicians

Image - Profile photo of Osric S. King, MDOsric S. King, MD - Primary Sports Medicine

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