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What's the Diagnosis Cases 51-100

What's the Diagnosis Case 100 Case 100: 19-year-old man with two months of intermittent medial pain after playing lacrosse.
What's the Diagnosis Case 99 Case 99: 56-year-old woman with progressive foot pain.
What's the Diagnosis Case 98 Case 98: 71-year-old woman with recent trauma and difficulty with wrist/hand motion.
What's the Diagnosis Case 97 Case 97: 15-year-old boy with shoulder injury after a fall.
What's the Diagnosis Case 96 Case 96: 65-year-old-woman with recent right total hip arthroplasty.
What's the Diagnosis Case 95 Case 95: 32-year-old woman with long-standing mass of the right hand.
What's the Diagnosis Case 94 Case 94: 63-year-old man with an arm injury due to a fall one month prior.
What's the Diagnosis Case 93 Case 93: 8-year-old girl with known diagnosis and recent right-sided low-back and hip pain.
What's the Diagnosis Case 92 Case 92: 35-year-old woman with diffuse pain, but increasing in the right hip.
What's the Diagnosis Case 91 Case 91: 80-year-old woman with known severe bilateral osteoarthritis. Recent aspiration of left knee yielded a large amount of bloody fluid.
What's the Diagnosis Case 90 Case 90: 28 year old professional football player with recent right foot injury.
Diagnosis Case 89 Case 89: 11 year old boy with multiple sites of joint pain. Further history withheld.
Diagnosis Case 88 Case 88: 69 year-old man status post recent unicompartmental arthroplasty.
Diagnosis Case 87 Case 87: 20-year-old male, avid runner with bilateral thigh pain but left greater than right.
case 86px Case 86: 59-year-old man with back and neck pain and one episode of lower extremity weakness.
case 85 Case 85: 75-year-old woman with right anterior knee and lower extremity pain.
43 year-old man with elbow pain after working
            out Case 84: 43 year-old man with elbow pain after working out.
case 83 Case 83: 9-year-old girl with ankle pain following twisting injury 3 weeks prior.
case 82 Case 82: 33-year-old man with trauma 3 months ago and now with inability to flex at the DIP.
case 81 Case 81: 44-year-old man with increasing loss of range of motion.
case 80 Case 80: 58-year-old man with THA done 2.5 years now with audible squeaking with walking.
case 79 Case 79: 20-year-old man with increasing size of left forefoot mass.
case 78 Case 78: 75-year-old man with lumbar surgery performed at an outside facility in 1/2014. Now with low back pain, different than prior to previous procedure.
case 77 Case 77: 77-year-old man with left TKA seven years prior. New onset pain and sensation of instability after recent fall in May 2014.
case 76 Case 76: 3 year old man with fall from a ladder.
case 75 Case 75: 65-year-old man with rotator cuff surgery in 1/2014 without complaints until 4/2014 when he develops weakness and loss of range of motion.
case 74 Case 74: 23-year-old female professional basketball player with injury during practice during a cutting maneuver.
case 73 Case 73: 35-year-old man with football injury six weeks prior and now with pain at the PIP of the fifth digit.
case 72 Case 72: 61 y/o man with TKA performed 2011 with subsequent partial synovectomy and wash out for infection in November 2013.
case 71 Case 71: 75-year-old woman with six weeks of increasing, severe hip pain. No trauma.
case 70 Case 70: 38-year-old man with fall two days prior while hiking with persistent pain.
case 69 Case 69: 68-year-old man with prior lumbar surgery now with persistent low back pain and left lower extremity radicular symptoms.
case 68 Case 68: 39-year-old man with recent trauma.
case 67 Case 67: 55-year-old woman with five months of left hip pain and previous treatment for gynecologic malignancy.
case 66 Case 66: 30-year-old woman with 18 months of pelvic pain. No trauma or history of inflammatory arthropathy. Other history withheld.
case 65 Case 65: 42-year-old man with mid to upper back pain, more so along the right side and with frequent "soreness and tightness".
case 64 Case 64: 60-year-old man one year status post lumbar surgery with five weeks of increasing low back, groin, and thigh pain.
case 63 Case 63: 70-year-old woman with left shoulder pain for 1 year
case 62 Case 62: 47-year-old professional mixed martial artist with 3 months of left lower rib pain
case 61 Case 61: 6-year-old with left elbow pain
case 60 Case 60: 8-year-old boy with right arm pain after minor trauma. All images or MR exam are from 11/13/12
case 59 Case 59: 63-year-old man with asymptomatic right sided mass (initial images are from 2006 with a follow up from 2009)
case 58 Case 58: 42-year-old with three years of finger pain
case 57 Case 57: 12-year-old boy with right leg pain
case 56 Case 56: 39-year-old woman with left hip pain following multiple previous surgeries
case 55 Case 55: 39-year-old man with nonspecific right shoulder pain
case 54 Case 54: 15-year-old woman with mass and pain along the ulnar aspect of the elbow
case 53 Case 53:  15-year-old with low back pain with multiple activities
case 52 Case 52:  33-year-old injured their knee skiing three days ago
Case 51: 25-year-old man with recent trauma