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What's the Diagnosis Cases 1-50

Case 50: 53-year-old woman with upper extremity pain for six months
case 49 Case 49:  68-year-old man with long standing knee pain
case 48 Case 48:  8-year-old girl with history of limping
case 47 Case 47: 2-year-old  girl referred from outside institution for evaluation
case 46 Case 46: 45-year-old man with pain about the pubis, right greater than left
case 45 Case 45: 10-year-old boy with recent trauma to left hip
case 44 Case 44: 17-year-old man with recent knee trauma
case 43 Case 43: 82-year-old man with long standing bilateral hip pain. Patient with prior cervical spine surgery and no history of previous trauma.
case 42 Case 42: 78-year-old woman with progressive left hip and thigh pain after THR performed 3 years ago
case 41 Case 41: 45-year-old man with recent trauma to the ankle
case 40 Case 40: 51-year-old woman with recent fall on the elbow
case 39 Case 39: 60-year-old woman with right hip pain an d limp
case 38 Case 38: 63-year-old man with right knee and progressive left hand pain
case 37 Case 37: 52-year-old man with increasing right shoulder pain
case 36 Case 36: 62-year-old woman with new onset right hand pain but with a history of multiple sites of joint pain
case 35 Case 35: 14y/o with several months of hip pain questionably related to sports
case 34 Case 34: 38-year-old woman with 6 months of wrist pain following sports injury
case 33 Case 33: 46-year-old man with recent weight lifting injury and deformity on exam.
case 32 Case 32: 25-year-old man with right hip and groin pain.
case 31 Case 31: 32-year-old woman runner with increasing right ankle pain
case 30 Case 30: 62-year-old man with increasing right lower extremity pain
case 29 Case 29: 66-year-old woman with increasing left hip pain.
case 28 Case 28: 3 men ages 35-40 with lifting injuries.
case 27 Case 27: 80-year-old woman 2 years status post left THR with fall 2.5 weeks ago and radiating left low back pain.
case 26 Case 26: 45-year-old woman with long standing hip pain.
case 25 Case 25: 19-year-old man with long standing elbow pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 24 Case 24: 55-year-old man with bilateral knee pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 23 Case 23: 50-year-old woman with long standing wrist pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 22 Case 22: 43-year-old man with 1 year of knee pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 21 Case 21: 35-year-old woman with increasing left foot pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 20 Case 20: 30-year-old female with long standing history of decreased range of motion in multiple joints.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 19 Case 19: 25-year-old man with 4 years of knee pain and clicking sensation.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 18 Case 18: 13-year-old boy with left ankle pain and limp. Notes mild discomfort of the right ankle.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 17 Case 17: 8-year-old with right knee pain following minor trauma.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 16 Case 16: 42-year-old status post left below knee amputation 2 years prior with persistent pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 15 Case 15: 61-year-old man with recent fall in the shower. 
What's the Diagnosis? Case 14 Case 14: 87-year-old woman with left hip pain and states no recent trauma. 
What's the Diagnosis? Case 13 Case 13: 13-year-old boy with elevated ESR and difficulty bearing weight on right foot. 
What's the Diagnosis? Case 12 Case 12: 57-year-old man with multiple medical problems and multiple sites of pain. 
What's the Diagnosis? Case 11 Case 11: 82-year-old woman with diffuse pelvic pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 10 Case 10: 53-year-old man with history of prostate cancer and nonspecific low back pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 9 Case 9: 62-year-old man, status: post fall from a curb.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 8 Case 8: 60-year-old man with lateral, right sided knee pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 7 Case 7: 65-year-old man with increasing right elbow pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 6 Case 6: 22-year-old woman with lower extremity pain and weakness. Previous history of shortness of breath but not at the present.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 5 Case 5: 52-year-old woman with low back pain.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 4 Case 4: 65-year-old man with thoracolumbar pain presents in January 2005.
What's the Diagnosis? Case 3 Case 3: 17-year-old male with right hip pain.
 What's the Diagnosis? Case 2 Case 2: 45-year-old woman presents with long standing left knee pain.
Radiographs were obtained in 2/18 and 9/5/06.
 What's the Diagnosis? Case 1 Case 1: 13-year-old boy presents with increasing right calf mass.
Radiographs of the right tibia were obtained.