Infographic: What You Should Know About Kneecap Dislocations

Patellar dislocation is an injury in which the patella (kneecap) slides out of position. Nine out of 10 kneecap instabilities and dislocations are experienced by women and girls between the ages of 13 and 50. Growing children who experience a dislocated knee have a 70% higher chance of developing additional dislocations than do adults.

Risk factors for this condition:

  • Family history of disclocations
  • Very flexible joints
  • A history of other joint dislocations
  • A kneecap that sits higher on the thigh bone

What to do:

If you experience a kneecap dislocation, see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in instability of the patella. If you experience a second kneecap dislocation, surgery is required. Allowing dislocations to continue unaddressed can lead to increased instability and pain, decrease in ability to perform activities and, over time, arthritis of the knee.

Image of an infographic about  kneecap dislocations



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