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Golf Injuries and Conditions

As the number one orthopedic hospital in the country, our rehabiltation specialists are experts in providing tips to help you stay active and injury-free on the golf course.

The most common injury for golfers is back pain. Many golfers do not swing the club the same way each time and therefore place unnatural stresses and forces through the back. High level and/or professional golfers may also experience back pain due to overuse. Additional injuries that golfers encounter include "golfer's elbow" (inflammation of the tendons originating at the inner part of the elbow), and pain or injury to the neck, shoulder, wrist, hips, knees, and foot or ankle.

Video: golf injury awareness

Members of the HSS Sports Performance and Rehabilitation team offered tips, advice, and more in this June 2017 Facebook Live event.

Patient testimonial: Luke Donald

HSS physician Dr. Andrew Weiland and PGA pro Luke Donald discuss hand injuries in golf.


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