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LANtern® (Lupus Asian Network)

LANtern in the News

LANtern has been featured in a variety of media channels, both English and Chinese-language outlets, to educate audiences about lupus and increase awareness of how LANtern can help.



  • Asian American/Asian Research Institute at City University of New York. Lupus Awareness Seminar: What the Asian Community Needs to Know. Our distinguished panelists raised awareness about the prevalence of lupus in the Asian American community.
  • Asian American Women’s Health Symposium. A Woman’s Health Across a Lifespan. The video features My-Lan Tran and Dr. Cindy Hou, LANtern Advisory Board member and lupus patient. At this New York City symposium, LANtern talked with members of the community about living with lupus and the importance of raising awareness about lupus.
  • Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting Company. At the invitation of the Chinese Community Partnership for Health, LANtern conducted its first radio presentation about lupus. The presentation introduced the LANtern program to a tristate Chinese speaking audience.
  • Office of Women’s Health National Lupus Awareness Campaign Launch. In this clip, LANtern founder Karen Ng talks about her personal experience with lupus and how the National Lupus Awareness Campaign will benefit others with lupus.