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Image: Voices60+ banner


VOICES 60+ Services for Patients and the Community

"VOICES 60+ is like a family to me." - Carmen, 71

For Patients

VOICES 60+ is designed to help HSS patients 60 years of age and older, with arthritis and related chronic illnesses, with accessing services and support to improve quality of life.

We can help you with:

  • Coping with your illness
  • Family and caregiving concerns
  • Transportation and homecare resources
  • Information about benefits and government programs
  • Information about community support services

In addition to ongoing in-person and phone support, every year VOICES 60+ sponsors a holiday event for program users. The goal of this special event is to promote social connections and provide an educational forum on topics that are of special interest to older adults.

Presentations are provided in English and Spanish and past topics have included:

  • "Talking to your Doctor about your Arthritis"
  • "Building a Good Relationship with your Nurse"
  • "Nutrition and Arthritis"
  • “Living With Chronic Pain”

For the Community

"The group was well done and helped me to learn how to talk to my doctor."
-David, 80 

As part of the Hospital’s Community Service Plan, VOICES 60+ partners with older adult community service providers to enhance patient-doctor communication, manage chronic illnesses, and to increase patient safety and support at home. We provide educational workshops and presentations in English and Spanish on these topics. For more information on our community presentations or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Nadia Murphy, LCSW, VOICES 60+ Manager at 212.774.2541.

How to Reach Us

Program staff are available to assist HSS patients in the Rheumatology waiting area and select orthopedic clinics Monday-Friday. We can also be reached at 212.774.7072.