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Value Principles

Center for Advancement of Value in Musculoskeletal Care


To advance implementation of highest value care which will help people get back what they need and love to do while advancing the sustainability of our health care system.


To sustain and propel HSS as the leader of high value musculoskeletal care by advancing programs and policies that improve the physical, psychosocial and financial wellbeing of populations and individuals. 


To shape global policy which advances innovative high value patient centric MSK care through collaboration, exemplary care delivery models and thought leadership.

Everything we do ties back to one or more of our principles for high-value care.
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Patient First

  • Improve health consistent with patient preferences
  • Avoid physical and financial harm  
  • Measure and report outcomes 
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Evidence-based Care

  • Base clinical decisions on best available evidence 
  • Disclose investigational therapies and carefully measure safety/outcome/costs  
  • Utilize diagnostic and therapeutic services with evidence of efficacy 
  • Do not perform diagnostic and therapeutic services with evidence of little or no effect 
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Manage Long-Term

  • Avoid unnecessary care (costly and potentially dangerous) 
  • Standardize efficient care pathways 
  • Utilize least expensive therapies for desired outcomes 
  • Manage entire episode of care; address condition 
  • Systemically measure costs

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