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Spine Care Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery


Does it really make a difference where you get treated?

In a word, yes.

In spinal surgery, getting it right the first time is crucial. At HSS, you have the world’s best clinical team on your side. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, radiologists and rehabilitation specialists are leaders in their field. They have centered their skill sets, knowledge and expertise on one section of the body, with one goal in mind – providing the best care. This commitment reflects itself in important ways:

  • What might be considered a complex surgical procedure at another hospital is routine at HSS
  • Where possible, we've pioneered less invasive procedures for the spine emphasizing less pain, quicker recovery, and superior long term results
  • In every way, from infection control to the number of spinal procedures we perform, HSS tops the national lists
  • We are a research center, too. Our knowledge of the spine and the latest innovations is second to none.

Go with the hospital and the team you trust

It makes sense to seek multiple opinions when you’re considering a possible spinal operation. Almost all of our patients do exactly that, and in the end, they come to us.

Why? There are multiple reasons, but it is largely about trust. Our reputation has been built upon patient successes and real results, repeated many times over many years.

We invite you to read the success stories from our patients to learn about our approach and their outcomes firsthand. Then discuss with your doctor about the best place to receive care.

Winter 2012: Horizon featuring the HSS Spine Care Institute:

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“You just know when you find a doctor who you will trust to operate on your spine. Three weeks ago I celebrated the 6 month anniversary of my surgery by taking a snowboarding trip to Big Sky, Montana.”  
Chris Pates
HSS spine patient
East Haven, CT

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