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SNEAKER (Super Nutrition Education for All Kids to Eat Right)

SNEAKER is a nutrition and physical activity program for New York City children that provides education about healthy eating and the importance of staying active.

 Since the program began in 2003, Hospital for Special Surgery has conducted many SNEAKER programs at elementary schools, high schools, community centers and non-profit organizations. These programs ranged from small group workshops to larger health fairs, reaching over 15,000 New York City Children.

The SNEAKER program teaches children about:

  • My Plate and Portion Control
  • Whole Grains and Fiber
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Healthy Beverages
  • Protein and Dairy
  • Physical Activity
  • Snacks and Fast Foods

For more information, please contact:

Claudia Zurlini
Senior Coordinator
Public & Patient Education
zurlinic@hss.edu or 212.606.1613