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Current Research Projects

Current research projects at the Leon Root, MD Motion Analysis Laboratory include:

A foundational biomechanical study of spring-loaded cleats

Principal Investigator: Kraszewski A

Effects of an education and prevention program on reducing upper extremity injury in musicians

Principal Investigator: Wolff A

Role of the long head of the biceps tendon in shoulder stabilization

Principal Investigators: Rauck R
Co-Investigators: Gulotta L, Kraszewski A

The effect of collinear resistance of the PROTEUS rehabilitation machine to upper extremity muscles

Principal Investigator: Kontaxis A

Rehabilitation Registry for degenerative disease: Hip, Knee, Ankle and Low Back

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Development of a Surface Topography and Spinal Alignment Registry for Assessing Spinal Deformity

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigator: Widmann R

Prospective 3dMD Registry

Principal Investigator: Widmann R

Co-Investigator: Hillstrom H

Kinematics and kinetic analysis for return to play criteria following ACL injury: Normative data from healthy young individuals

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: Backus S, Kraszewski A, Drefus L, Thaqi I, Gibbons M, Chiaia T, Cavanagh J, de Mille P, et al.

Predicting human energy expenditure: a pilot study to collect kinetic, kinematic, and metabolic energy data on healthy individuals and those with trans-tibial amputation

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: deMille P, Garrison G, et al

Joint hypermobility and lower body osteoarthritis

Principal Investigator: Golightly Y

Co-Investigators: Jordan J, Hannan M

Consultant: Hillstrom H

Effect of the Kinespring® system on knee joint contact mechanics (Moximed - phase 1)

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: Ranawat A, Rozbruch R, Fragomen A

Loadsol, load monitoring device for the partial weight-bearing post-operative management of ankle fracture: A pilot study

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: Ellis S, Drakos M, Demetracopoulos CA

Self-reported wrist functional limitations & expectations – phase 1

Principal Investigator: Wolff A

Co-Investigators: Wolfe S, Hillstrom H

Prospective longitudinal assessment of patellar tendinopathy in elite basketball players using quantitative imaging with correlation to symptoms and functional analysis

Principal Investigator: Nwawka O

Co-Investigators: Toresdahl B, Hillstrom H, Chiaia T, Sgroi T, Kraszewski A

Non-surgical treatment in young pitchers to improve shoulder kinematics

Co-Principal Investigators: Kontaxis A, Fealy S

Co-Investigators: Dines J, Levinson M, Hillstrom H, Key Personnel: Thaqi I, Zanini, S, Kraszewski A

APOS therapy mechanism of treatment for managing medial knee OA

Co-Principal Investigators: Hillstrom H, Kontaxis A

Co-Investigators: Kraszewski A, Backus S, Mandl L, Toresdahl B, Gellhorn A, Jezequel J, Zanini S

Use of elastography to quantify change in upper extremity muscle spasticity following Botox injection in children with spastic CP

Co-Principal Investigators: Nwawka O, Wolff A

Co-Investigators: Daluiski A, Miller T, Scher D, Dodwell E

Comparing lateral only with medial and lateral procedures for management of idiopathic adolescent flatfoot: a prospective study

Principal Investigator: Scher D

Co-Investigators: Hillstrom H, Blanco J, Backus S, Dodwell E

Movement Patterns Pre/Post Clavicular Fracture Repair

Principal Investigator: Dodwell E

Co-Investigators: Kontaxis A, Wolff A, Backus S

Biomechanical evaluation of lateralization in Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis: impact of anatomical variations and implant geometry

Principal Investigator: Kontaxis, A

Co-Investigators: Chen S, Jahandar A

Kinematics and function in wrist hemi-arthroplasty patients

Principal Investigator: Wolff A

Co-Investigators: Hillstrom H, Hillstrom R, Wolfe S


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