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Current Research Projects

Current research projects at the Leon Root, MD Motion Analysis Laboratory include:

Return to Play Following ACL Injury: Normative Data - Healthy Young

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: Backus SI, Kraszewski AP, Drefus L, Thaqi I, Gibbons M, Chiaia T, Cavanagh J, deMille P, et al.

3D Printing of Custom Foot Orthoses to Treat Flexible Flat Feet

Principal Investigator: Macolini J

Co-Investigators: Hillstrom H, Scher D, Kraszewski A, Garrison G, Backus S, Drefus L, Thaqi I, Gibbons M

Joint-Space Dynamic Modeling and Identification of Human Metabolic Energy Expenditure with Applications to Prosthetic Gait

Principal Investigators: Kim J, Hillstrom H
Co-Investigators: deMille P, Garrison G, et al.

Joint Hypermobility and Lower Body Osteoarthritis

Principal Investigator: Golightly, Y
Co-Investigators: Jordan J, Hannan M
Consultant: Hillstrom H

Differences in Gait Between Patients after Ankle Arthrodesis and Ankle Arthroplasty when Ascending and Descending Stairs

Principal Investigators: Demetracopoulos CA, Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: Baxter J, et al.

Effect of the Atlas® System on Knee Joint Contact Mechanics

Principal Investigators: Hillstrom H, Hillstrom R

Co-Investigators: Ranawat A, Rozbruch R, Fragomen A

Pedoped Load Monitoring Device for the Post-operative Management of Ankle Fracture

Principal Investigator: Hillstrom H

Co-Investigators: Ellis S, Drakos M, Demetracopoulos CA

Self-Reported Wrist Functional Limitations and Expectations – Phase 1

Principal Investigator: Wolff A

Co-Investigators: Scher D, Daluski A, Drefus L, Hillstrom H

Gait Analysis Between Direct Anterior Robotic-Assisted Posterior Approaches for THA: A Pilot Study

Principal Investigator: Alexiades M

Co-Investigators: Padgett D, Backus S, Hillstrom H, Kao Y, Poultsides L, Holmes, Oi K, Nocon A, etc.

Prospective Longitudinal Assessment of Patellar Tendinopathy in Elite Basketball Players Using Quantitative Imaging with Correlation to Symptoms and Functional Analysis

Principal Investigator: Nwawka O

Co-Investigators: Toresdahl B, Hillstrom H, Chiaia T, Sgroi T

Non-surgical Treatment in Young Pitchers to Improve Shoulder Kinematics

Principal Investigator: Kontaxis A, Co-Principal Investigator: Fealy S

Co-Investigators: Dines J, Levinson M, Hillstrom H, Key Personnel: Thaqi I, Gibbons M, Kraszewski A

3D Kinematics, Kinetics, and Normalized EMG in Response to APOS of Knee OA: Baseline to 6 Months

Co-Principal Investigators: Hillstrom H, Kontaxis A

Co-Investigators: Kraszewski A, Backus S, Mandl L, Toresdahl B, Gellhorn A., Jezequel J, Shahid M

Use of elastography to quantify change in upper extremity muscle spasticity following botox injection in children with spastic cerebral palsy

Co-Principal Investigators: Nwawka O, Wolff A

Co-Investigators: Daluiski A, Miller T, Scher D, Dodwell E

Total Knee Arthroplasty Failure (T-KAF)

Principal Investigator: Wright T

Co-Investigators: Backus S, Esposito C, Breighner R, Koff M, Lyman S, Padgett D, Potter H, et al

Comparing Lateral Only with Medial and Lateral Procedures for Management of Idiopathic Adolescent Flatfoot: A Prospective Study

Principal Investigator: Scher D

Co-Investigators: Hillstrom H, Blanco J, Backus S, Dodwell E

Movement Patterns Pre/Post Clavicular Fracture Repair

Principal Investigator: Dodwell E

Co-Investigators: Kontaxis A, Wolff A, Backus S

Biomechanical evaluation of lateralization in Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis: The impact of anatomical variations and implant geometry

Principal Investigator: Kontaxis A

Co-Investigator: Chen S

KinematX and function in wrist hemi-arthroplasty patients

Principal Investigator: Wolff A

Co-Investigators: Hillstrom R, Wolfe S, Kontaxis A, Hillstrom H

Foundational Biomechanical Study of Spring-loaded Cleats

Principal Investigators: Drakos M, Hillstrom H

Co-Investigator: Kraszewski A


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