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Preoperative Education

More information means better outcomes.

The Patient Education Department offers a wealth of preoperative information and resources for patients undergoing spine surgery, total hip replacements, total knee replacements, hip resurfacing and total shoulder replacements. The patient pre-op educational resources listed below are meant to help you prepare mentally and physically for surgery, as well as the aftercare and postoperative rehabilitation. HSS offers written, illustrated and animated tools, as well as live classes and live online webinars.

Pre-Op Education Classes and Webinars

Classes and webinars are taught by registered nurses in collaboration with physical therapists and social work case managers. They provide an overview of what to expect when having surgery at HSS, including detailed information on:

  • Exercises pertaining to your specific surgery.
  • What to bring on the day of surgery and what to expect on the morning of surgery.
  • Recovery and pain management.

Live classes are generally scheduled by your surgeon’s office to take place on your pre-op testing day. We encourage you to invite friends or family who might assist during recovery.

Total Joint (Hip and Knee) Replacement Classes

Monday to Friday, 11 am and 2 pm ET
8th Floor Patient Education Classroom

Spine Surgery Classes

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9 am ET
8th Floor Patient Education Classroom


Hip Resurfacing and Ambulatory Hip Replacement Webinar

Live webinars Wednesdays, 12 pm ET
Online only
For your convenience, please access the webinar from a personal computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Shoulder Replacement Webinar

Live Webinars, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, 2:15 pm ET
Online only
For your convenience, please access the webinar from a personal computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Pre-Op Education Staff

Jack Davis, MSN, RN, ONC; Manager of Patient Education and Research

Jack has been an orthopedic nurse at HSS since 1980. He has provided care on the in-patient units, PACU and in private office setting. He has been a board certified orthopedic nurse since 1991. In his current role as Manager of Patient Education Programs, Jack has guided his team to revise the preoperative education content and delivery while promoting the use of the internet to increase access to educational materials that will help prepare patients and their families for surgery.

Joan Altman, MPH, BSN, RN; Community Program Coordinator

Joan has been a public health nurse for more than 30 years, providing hands-on care as well as training and education to diverse populations within the City of New York. In her current role as RN Community Program Coordinator, she provides health education to HSS community partners and coaches HSS nurses to teach and deliver quality presentations. Joan believes that the health of NYC residents can be impacted by enhancing their health literacy.

Lisa Briskie, BSN, RN, ONC; Patient Educator

Lisa has been working at HSS since 1984. With 2 Bachelor of Science degrees in Health and in Nursing, she started her career here on the inpatient units and then moved on to work in Utilization Review and in the private office setting. She has been working in the Patient Education Department since 1996. Board Certified in Orthopaedic Nursing, Lisa believes that education and patient participation in their perioperative course leads to a smooth and easy recovery.

Daniella Immediato, MSN, RN, ONC; Patient Educator

Daniella has been working at Hospital for Special Surgery since 2006. After completing her nurse residency, she was given the opportunity to work in multiple areas in the hospital, PACU, SDU, and two inpatient units. Daniella's experience and knowledge have allowed her to fully understand the patient's hospital experience. Both at the bedside and classroom, she enjoys providing high quality patient-centered education, navigating the hospital journey. Daniella believes patient education is vital to a patients satisfaction and success.

Contact: Hospital for Special Surgery | Nursing: Patient Education | 535 East 70th Street | New York, NY 10021 | Tel: 212.606.1263