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Pediatrics at HSS

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Pediatric Social Work / Case Management Services

The Department of Social Work Programs and the Department of Case Management are an integral part of the pediatric care team at Hospital for Special Surgery.  Living with orthopedic or rheumatologic conditions can affect a child and his or her family’s emotional, social, and practical well-being.

HSS has a variety of ways to help pediatric patients and their families cope with a new diagnosis, clarify treatment options, assist with discharge planning, and help locate community resources.

For information regarding Early Intervention services, visit the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center.


Outpatient Social Work Services

Our outpatient pediatric social worker, an integral member of the pediatric health care team, is dedicated to providing you, your child, and your family with support throughout your child’s health care experience. This includes attention to your child’s comfort and coping during medical visits, as well as planning together for the future.

The social worker is available to assist you with a variety of needs you may have, such as:

  • Helping with emotional and family concerns related to the impact of your child’s orthopedic condition or rheumatologic illness
  • Identifying resources, along with the health care team,  to understand your child’s diagnosis and  treatment options
  • Assisting with school-related issues
  • Addressing child safety concerns
  • Accessing community services,  such as counseling, government programs, homecare and transportation services

For further information, please contact:

Rosalia Duarte, LMSW, Pediatric Social Worker
Ambulatory Care Center
Dept. of Social Work Programs
Amy Silberman, LCSW, Pediatric Social Worker
Ambulatory Care Center
Dept. of Social Work Programs

Inpatient Social Work / Case Management

Pediatric Case Managers are an integral part of the HSS health care team. We have a team of Licensed Social Workers and Registered Nurses who assist patients from pre-admission to post-discharge. The Case Managers:

  • Work closely with your doctor, you, your child, the health care team, and your insurance carrier to ensure that the care your child receives best meets your child's needs
  • Promote your participation in your child's care and planning
  • Communicate with your insurance carrier to obtain insurance coverage for your child's hospital stay and post-discharge services, which may include home care or inpatient rehabilitation
  • Provide assistance with discharge planning and coordination of medical needs and, if indicated, referrals for physical therapy, rehabilitation, or home care services after leaving the hospital
  • Provide emotional support and counseling for you and your child regarding concerns about coping with your child's illness and/or disability and hospitalization
  • Explore availability of resources to assist with personal, financial, and social needs which may have been affected as a result of your child's need for surgery

Please contact the Case Management Department for any patients needing assistance.  212.606.1271.