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Pediatrics at HSS

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Pediatric CT

Before scheduling the CT examination for a child at HSS, there is a consultation between the attending physician and the radiologist to ensure the need for the study and to discuss alternative examination. At the Department of Radiology and Imaging, CT is very child friendly. Every effort is made to establish a rapport with the child and the parents to ensure confidence and cooperation. We create an unhurried and pleasing atmosphere, combining patience and understanding to make the child feel at ease. The use of sedation is rarely required because examination can be performed so rapidly. Typically, sedation is only used if the physician radiologist requires absolute elimination of motion. When sedation is needed, a pediatric anesthesiologist administers and monitors the patient before, during, and after the examination.

To manage the dose of ongoing radiation, all exposure factors for the CT examinations are reduced, the area scanned is limited as much as possible and shielding is always used. Radiologists are involved in all pediatric cases in order to ensure that the protocol used for the scan will address the clinical concern the first time and the examination will not have to be repeated.