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Make an Online Payment

HSS uses a few different billing systems and patients could receive bills from various departments for one procedure or visit. Some bills might not be payable online. This page is designed to help you make online payments when available.

Pay using the MyHSS portal

For your convenience, you can use the MyHSS portal to pay for services from the hospital and from physicians who participate in MyHSS. Some physicians use different billing systems and cannot be paid through this portal. In those cases, please follow their payment instructions.

Starting February 7, 2023, HSS patients with active MyHSS accounts will transition to paperless statements for both hospital and physician billing. You will no longer receive paper billing statements in the mail, unless you opt-in to do so. Go here for information about paperless billing and changing your notifications.

If you do not wish to activate a MyHSS account or your physician is not on MyHSS, you may still be able to pay as a guest.

View Sample Hospital Bills below:

Sample Hospital Bills


Epic bill thumbnail

Sample Physician Bill


Image - Physician bill thumbnail

Sample Radiologist Bill


Image - Radiologist bill thumbnail

Sample Anesthesiology Bill


Image - Anesthesiologist bill thumbnail
Hospital for Special Surgery resolves credit balances through a routine proactive review of its receivables. Identified overpayments will be refunded in as timely a manner as possible.