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The Truth About 'Long, Lean' Muscles

SELF.com—October 4, 2017

In an article by SELF.com, HSS exercise physiologist Pamela Geisel, MS, CSCS discussed the reasons why 'long, lean muscles' are impossible.

"'Long, lean muscles' became a popular marketing scheme targeted toward women who were afraid of 'bulking up," said Geisel.

She explained that "muscle length is anatomically determined by the muscle’s origin and insertion—the points where it attaches to the bone—and the tendons that connect the muscle to bone."

"You cannot change these anatomical landmarks. No form of training alters the visual length of your muscles. You don’t build long muscles or short muscles. You build upon the muscle you genetically have," Geisel added.

If you are looking to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously, Geisel said it is important to emphasize strength training.

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