6 Reasons to Ditch the Treadmill and Take Your Run Outside

Shape.com—March 1, 2017

Shape.com reporter K. Aleisha Fetters writes on some of the health benefits of moving your running workout outside as the weather warms up.

She speaks to Pamela Geisel MS, CSCS, strength and conditioning specialist at Hospital for Special Surgery, on how you'll  build more muscle, cut your injury risk long-term, be better prepared for races and have more energy.

"When you run outside, there are typically changes in scenery, changes in direction, and a sense of exploration. You lose that when you take it indoors and complete your workout by running in place," said Pamela.

When training for a race, "you want to practice and prepare your body for what it is going to face on race day," she added.

Read the full story at Shape.com.


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