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High Reps With Low Weights Builds Muscle, Too

Study Shows That Lifting a Ton Is Not the Only Way to Bulk Up

WebMD—April 27, 2012

Want to build up your muscles in time for beach season?  High reps with low weights may be the way to go, a new study suggests. 

More repetitions with lighter weights can build muscle as well as heavier weights -- assuming they are done to the point of exercise-induced fatigue. And fatigue is the important point. That means even with light weight, the last two to three reps should be hard.

The findings appear in the June issue of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

High Praise for High Reps

The new findings are music to Jordan Metzl's ears. He is a sports medicine doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. They reinforce everything he tells his patients and what he does in his own life. "High reps with lower weights a couple of times a week is the answer."

He encourages injured athletes and weekend warriors to engage in this type of strength training to help build the muscles around damaged joints or ligaments. "It helps prevent and treat injuries."

To keep your muscles guessing, mixing high reps and low reps, either in the same or different workouts, is a great way to stimulate muscle growth and prevent boredom.

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