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The Battle to be Wright Again: Inside David Wright's Grueling Rehab Routine

Men's Fitness—March 21, 2016

Men's Fitness writer Ron Berler interviews New York Mets' third baseman David Wright about his upcoming season after being diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis, a condition caused by age-related degeneration of the spine or traumatic injury to the spine. 

According to the article, "Spinal stenosis generally affects men and women over 50 ... And though unusual in younger people, it has cut short several prominent sports careers." In the article, Wright mentions that he spoke with David W. Altchek, MD, a sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery and medical director for the New York Mets, who along with other team physicians, "told him he had a storm track of symptoms, including a smaller-than-normal spinal canal he'd had since birth that had been further compressed by a series of calcium deposits accumulated from his fractured vertebrae."

This article originally appeared at MensFitness.com.


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