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Stepping into HSS and outside the box.

BenSerotta.com—June 24, 2017

BenSerotta.com, a blog dedicated to cycling performance by Ben Serotta, featured a post on the author's experience with The Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory (LRMAL) at HSS after his friend Mike needed to check his bicycle riding position.

According to the post, Happy Freedman, bike fitting specialist at HSS, met Mr. Serotta and Mike for the bike fitting. In Mr. Freedman's approach to bike fitting, he said that "cycling is about movement" and the "approach bike fit had to start by understanding the movement parameters of each individual".

Mr. Freedman advised to "move through the bike fit process by observing the total body. We are a complex system of lever points, skeletal structure, soft tissue and hard wired to handle movement and work as a connected system - it is impossible to change the load/position of one of our features without causing an effect on the rest of our system".

After determining the person's breathing, core strength, power and fluidity of movement on a bike, the fit is complete. Mr. Serotta met with HSS research engineer Andrew P. Kraszewski, PhD, HSS director of LRMAL Howard J. Hillstrom, PhD and Mr. Freedman.

When asked about Mike's successful treatment, Dr. Hillstrom said "people just deserve the best we can give them. Here, we are scientists, researchers and practitioners and our goal is to make sure that our best keeps getting better."

Read the full post at benserotta.com




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