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Upper Extremity Lengthening and Deformity Correction

Before and after photo of Radial Club Hand Wrist/Forearm Deformity

Before After

Before and after photo of humerus lengthening.

Before After

Before and after photo of Metacarpal (finger) lengthening

Before After

Infection or trauma can damage the shoulder growth plate and lead to shortening and deformity of the humerus (upper arm).  Dwarfism often leads to very short arms compromising reach and function. Limb lengthening techniques are used to restore symmetry to the arms improving function and appearance.

Forearm deformities result from birth defects in Madelung's Disease, Ollier's Disease and Radial Club Hand. Trauma and tumors can lead to bone defects. Our techniques are used to correct forearm deformity and replace missing bone.

Congenital hand deformities with shortened metacarpals and fingers can also be reconstructed with mini-fixators.

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