HSS Spine

HSS Spine Services


When surgery is necessary, both adult and pediatric patients are assured exceptional care under the Institute’s dedicated team of experienced anesthesiologists, who specialize in orthopedic anesthesia, pain management, and critical care. Learn more about anesthesiology.

Complementary Treatment Specialists:

These affiliated members of the Institute concentrate on integrative medical treatments with the guidance of the medical team and include chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and experts in movement therapy. Many of these specialists practice at the Integrative Care Center (ICC), which brings together conventional medical and therapeutic approaches with complementary therapies to promote wellness and enhance the long-term mobility and health of patients.

Medical Consultants:

The Institute includes medical physicians with expertise in rheumatology, metabolic bone, psychology, and those with an extensive experience in perioperative medical care.


Members perform general neurological consults for adults and neuromuscular consultations for adults and pediatric patients with various nerve and muscle diseases. Practitioners have expertise in spinal cord monitoring and other unique specializations. Learn more about neurology.


The Institute’s physiatry members also perform non-operative treatment procedures which are often combined with medically supervised exercise therapies to restore mobility and function. Learn more about physiatry.

Pain Management:

Not all conditions require surgery. Therefore, the Institute’s pain management specialists offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of pain syndromes associated with degenerative and sports-related spine conditions and other musculoskeletal disorders. They are skilled in the performance of non-operative, minimally invasive, and innovative procedures. These procedures, often combined with medication and medically supervised exercise therapies, help to restore mobility and allow patients to manage their pain. Learn more about pain management.

Radiology and Imaging:

The Institute is fortunate to work with an imaging team recognized for their leading-edge clinical accuracy and research accomplishments. Image acquisition (positioning, protocol, etc) for MR, CT, US, Nuclear Medicine and conventional X-rays is custom-designed and interpreted by spine-dedicated radiologists. Interventional radiologists use image guidance to perform non-operative, minimally-invasive, and innovative procedures. Learn more about radiology and imaging.


The Institute works collaboratively with The Virginia F. and William R. Salomon Rehabilitation Department at Hospital for Special Surgery. The Department’s multidisciplinary staff provides comprehensive and dynamic rehabilitative services – pre-operatively, post-operatively, and/or for conservative management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions – to patients of all ages. The Department’s exceptional physical therapists develop personalized programs to help individuals reach their maximum functional potential, offering a broad spectrum of treatment approaches in tandem with the most up-to-date therapeutic modalities and exercise equipment.
The Department offers comprehensive services on-site at its main HSS campus, off-site at the Integrative Care Center (ICC), and through its HSS Rehabilitation Network. Learn more about the Rehabilitation Department.


The Institute’s surgeons are leaders in all types of adult and pediatric cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine disorders. These include degenerative conditions (e.g., disc herniation, stenosis), deformities (e.g., scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and kyphosis), infections, tumors, and metabolic diseases (e.g., osteoporosis and osteopenia).

Surgical Consultants:

The Institute has consulting surgeons with vascular; ear, nose, and throat; head and neck; and tumor-related expertise.