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As a specialty provider of musculoskeletal healthcare, HSS does not treat patients for the COVID-19 coronavirus. The virus, however, can have specific effects and implications for many people with rheumatic and orthopedic conditions, including our patients. Learn more in the articles and content below.

Articles on COVID-19 and Orthopedic Surgery

Learn more about making the decision to have orthopedic surgery during the pandemic.

Articles on COVID-19 and Rheumatic Disease

Learn about specific issued of concern for people who have conditions like lupus, antiphospholipid syndrome and other chronic, autoimmune diseases.

COVID-19 Vaccine Video and FAQs

HSS infectious disease and prevention experts present information on the COVID-19 vaccine and offer answers to common concerns and questions. (Published February 24, 2021)

Articles on COVID-19 wellness

Learn how combining physical rehabilitation with nutrition rehabilitation is the key to improving quality of life when recovering from COVID-19.

Related articles for healthcare professionals

These articles are designed for clinical professionals, but may also be of interest to patients.

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