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Banner image of Dr. Andrew Pearle demonstrating computer assisted surgery.

Computer Assisted Surgery Center

The Hospital for Special Surgery Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) Center aims to develop and validate surgical navigation and medical robotics in orthopedic surgery. HSS is uniquely positioned to pioneer CAS technologies with the integration of important assets which are exclusive to the Hospital.

The Center's laboratory has been designed as a simulated digital O/R with navigation and robotic systems. Besides providing an environment for research and development, the space is a state of the art wet-lab designed so that actual O/R workflow can be studied and optimized. Housed in the HSS Department of Biomechanics Laboratory, the CAS Laboratory is adjacent to other useful resources, including mechanical testing, joint mechanics, and a CNC machine shop to design and validate CAS tools.

Through the use of these technologies, orthopedic surgeons at HSS are able to create virtual pre-operative treatment plans to predict surgical outcomes and then execute those plans in the operating room. This form of precision medicine leads to more personalized care and more predictable outcome for patients.