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Department of Biomechanics

Development Projects

Integrated™ Spine System

The Integrated Spine System is a pedicle screw and rod system designed by HSS engineers in collaboration with Federico Girardi, MD, Andrew Sama, MD, and Ortho Development Corporation. Internal fixation devices, such as pedicle screws systems, are implanted in the spine to enhance spinal fusion, which is intended to reduce back pain, increase stability, or correct deformities. This system is currently FDA-approved for use in the lumbar spine.

BalanSys™ UNI

When arthritis occurs on only a single condyle, either medial or lateral, a unicondylar knee replacement may be indicated. A unicondylar implant selectively resurfaces the affected compartment, while keeping the opposite/healthy compartment intact.

Mobile-bearing technology allows an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene insert to articulate with both the femoral and tibial components. The mobile-bearing BalanSys UNI, developed in collaboration with Russell Warren, MD, Thomas Wickiewicz, MD, and Mathys Medical LTD, was designed to recreate normal kinematics of the knee joint while reducing stresses in the polyethylene insert. This insert has large contact areas at the femoral and tibial interfaces, effectively reducing stresses and wear. Finite element analysis (FEA) was also used to determine the most appropriate geometric interface between the tibial implant and the proximal tibial cancellous bone bed. A Stanmore/Instron Knee Simulator was used to evaluate the kinematics of this implant. The BalanSys™ UNI is currently only available in Europe.

UNI FEA video of polyethylene insert [0.6MB wmv]

Integrated Spine System