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Simulation Education

Our regional anesthesiology-focused simulation program for Regional Anesthesiology & Acute Pain Medicine (RA&APM) Fellowship is a one-of-a-kind program that helps fellows develop crisis resource management and metacognitive skills in a realistic surgical setting.

There are several components to each Simulation Lab session:

Morning Lectures

Fellows attend an introductory morning lecture that details various real-life situations that may occur in the operating room. During these talks, an attending anesthesiologist reviews what specific skills are most useful in high-stress situations – topics range from team communication strategies to leadership competencies. Morning lectures take place at the HSS Main Campus.

Simulation Scenarios & Debriefings

Simulations and debriefings are held at the Weill Cornell Medicine Skills and Acquisition Laboratory (SAIL) Center, directly across the street from the HSS Main Campus. Throughout the six sessions, participants will be assigned several roles and will be given the opportunity to be the leading decision maker.

After each simulation scenario, fellows and faculty review the experience and video in real-time. Fellows can then ask questions, share their experiences and thoughts, and brainstorm effective strategies for continued growth.


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