HSS Volunteer Opportunities in NYC
HSS Volunteer Opportunities in NYC
HSS Volunteer Opportunities in NYC
HSS Volunteer Opportunities in NYC

About HSS

Hospital for Special Surgery's Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a rewarding and challenging experience?

To comply with HSS policies, volunteers must complete the following steps before they begin working at HSS:

  • Email your resume and cover letter to volunteering@hss.edu. Please note, we will only accept cover letters that include the following details:
    1. A detailed description of your background experience
    2. Specific areas of interest for volunteering (i.e., IT, Patient Liaison, etc.)
    3. Your Availability schedule to volunteer (i.e., M-W 9am-3pm)
  • Should we determine that you may be a good fit for the indicated area, we will forward your documents to the site supervisor
  • The site supervisor will schedule an interview with you
  • If the interview is successful, you will be asked to complete an application and will be invited to attend a mandatory 1 ½ hour orientation session
  • During the orientation session we will go over how to obtain medical clearance

Please note that our process takes 3-4 weeks to complete.

Please note that we are filled for summer 2015; see below for fall opportunities.

Volunteers must be 15 years and older.

Volunteers are required to donate at least 150 total hours to the hospital over a six month period with a minimum of four to five hours per week.

This time commitment allows the volunteer to make a real impact on his or her project area and provides the greatest return of personal satisfaction. When volunteers reach this milestone they become eligible for letters of recommendation to prospective schools and potential employers. We have limited weekend and evening availability.

  • Coffee Cart & Amenities: Volunteers offer afternoon coffee, tea, and cookies to our in-patients and family members. The volunteer should be adept at chatting with patients and visitors as they serve the beverages and cookies. Adults only.
  • Digital Media Center: Volunteers will support the department by graphic designing, digital imaging, video production, document production, and finishing services.
  • Happy Wheels: Offer coffee, tea, juice, snacks and games for our pediatric patients and their families on our pediatric in-patient floor and in pediatric rehabilitation. Seeking volunteers who will make a long term commitment and are used to interacting with children who are ill. This is a joint program between HSS and Ronald McDonald House.
  • Information Technology: Volunteers will support the IT department by helping to create a systemic filing system, proctoring the Epic certification exam, and providing administrative support to the staff.
  • Language Services: Volunteers undergo a 60-hour Medical Interpreter's Training in order to support the department in providing interpretation to patients, translation of documents as well as running errands and lending clerical support. Speakers of Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Russian especially needed.
  • Occupational Health: The mission of the department is to screen and maintain the health of employees and volunteers of HSS. The volunteer will accompany OH nurses on various boarding.point of care service rotations, welcome staff and visitors to the department, answer phones, and lend clerical support.
  • Patient Care Unit: Volunteers will provide welcome and orientation to new patients, assist nursing staff with discharge of patients, perform pharmacy rounds, respond to call bells, assist with meal service, and respond to patient requests for non-technical assistance. Volunteers will assist Nurse Managers, CNIII’s or the nurse in charge. Volunteers will also be requested to deliver books and magazines to our in-patients.
  • Physician Practice Liaison: Formally welcome and log in all patients and visitors, provide directions, escort and updates regarding wait times and the progress of the patient’s journey. Volunteers work closely with registrars, nurses and doctors’ office staff.
  • Rehabilitation/Physical and Occupational Therapy: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in Rehabilitation, please download and read the fact sheet and complete the mandatory information sheet on the second page.
  • Surgical Liaison Programs: The liaisons are responsible for welcoming and orienting arriving patients and families. They will provide updates about the patient’s surgical journey or procedure, escort families to see loved ones in PACU/Recovery, circulate to ensure families’ questions and needs are met, and will work closely with medical and waiting area staff to ease the hospital experience for patients and families. Openings are available in:
    • Ambulatory Surgery
    • 4th Floor Family Atrium
    • Special Procedures Unit
    • Hand & Foot Center

Other volunteer opportunities:

  • Department of Social Work Programs, including:
    • Lupus Support Programs: LupusLine, Charla de Lupus/Lupus Chat, and LANtern (Lupus Asian Network): Volunteers with lupus receive training in order to serve as a culturally relevant peer support and education source for people with lupus and their families.
    • VOICES Program: The VOICES Program provides patients with information and advocates for any needs that arise in regard to their arthritis-related illnesses, such as negotiating Medicaid and accessing community resources.
  • Research: The Volunteer Department does not actively recruit for this position. However, contact our office and a listing of doctors who are able to utilize research volunteers in their respective areas will be provided.

NOTE: Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone. We will respond to applicants whom we determine to be good matches for programs which have openings. Please be aware that volunteering with us does not guarantee employment.

For more information, email volunteering@hss.edu or call 212.606.1228.

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Interested in Volunteering?

For more information, email volunteering@hss.edu or call 212.606.1228.

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