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Photo of Dr. Wolff

Aviva L. Wolff, EdD, OT, CHT

Photo of Dr. Wolff

Aviva L. Wolff, EdD, OT, CHT

Dr. Wolff is a clinician scientist whose clinical and research interests are in the improvement of hand and arm function and performance in children and adults with musculoskeletal dysfunction. She specializes in the treatment of a wide range of adult and pediatric hand and upper extremity conditions and sees patients at the Paramus, NJ and NYC Locations.

Her research interests are in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of upper extremity movement dysfunction, particularly in using data to better inform surgery therapy, and performance. Her research has focused on wrist biomechanics and function, elbow biomechanics and function, and hand and arm function in brachial plexus injury and cerebral palsy. She has independently lead and collaborated with orthopedic surgeons, scientists, and biomechanists on several funded studies that have led to multiple presentations and publications.

She is a certified hand therapist and occupational therapist with 20 plus years of experience treating upper extremity injuries including 10 years of experience directing the Hand Therapy Center. She has developed a clinical upper extremity motion analysis service to analyze functional upper extremity movement and performance in athletes, musicians, and children and adults with movement disorders to better inform surgical and therapy decision making for improved functional performance.

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Selected Publications

Rainbow MJ, Wolff AL, Crisco JJ, Wolfe SW. Functional Kinematics of the Wrist. Journal of Hand Surgery, European. 2015

Wolff AL, Raghavan, P, Kaminski, T, Hillstrom, H, Gordon AM. Differentiation of hand posture in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 2015.

Wolff AL, Garg R, Kraszewski AP, Hillstrom HJ, Hafer JF, Backus SI, Lenhoff ML, Wolfe SW. Surgical Treatments for Scapho-lunate advanced collapse wrist: kinematics and functional performance. Journal of Hand Surgery. 2015

Weinstock-Zlotnick G, Page C, Ghomrawi H, Wolff AL. Responsiveness of three patient report outcome measures in patients with hand fractures: A preliminary cohort study. Journal of Hand Therapy, 2015.

Trehan SK, Wolff AL, Gibbons M, Hillstrom HJ, Daluiski A. The effect of simulated elbow contracture on temporal and distance gait parameters, Gait and Posture. 2015

Hillstrom H, Garg R., Kraszewski A, Lenhoff M, Carter T, Backus S, Wolff A, Syrkin G, Cheng R, Wolfe S. Development of an anatomical wrist joint coordinate system to quantify motion during functional tasks. Journal of Applied Biomechanics. 2014.

Wolff A, Weinstock-Zlotnick G, Gordon J, SSc Management - in person Appointments and Remote Therapy (SMART): A Framework for Management of Chronic Hand Conditions, Journal of Hand Therapy 2014

Garg R, Kraszewski A, Holbrrok S, Syrkin G., Hillstrom H, Backus S, Lenhoff M, Wolff A, Crisco J, Wolfe S. Wrist kinematic coupling and performance during functional tasks: Effects of constrained motion. Journal of Hand Surgery. 2014.

Selected Presentations

Application of digital technology for upper extremity rehabilitation, maximizing outcomes, American Society for Hand Therapy (ASHT), Washington DC (2016)

Wrist Biomechanics, Dynamic Stability and Function, Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Hand, Annual Symposium, Philadelphia (2016)

Biomechanics of Elbow Stiffness, Implications for Rehabilitation, Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Hand, Annual Symposium, Philadelphia (2016)

Quantitative Clinical and Biomechanical Analysis of Upper Extremity Movement Dysfunction, Gait and Clinical Movement Society Annual Meeting (GCMAS), Portland. (2015)

Brachial Plexus Assessment and Rehabilitation Management, American Association for Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM), Honolulu (2015)

Musician's Dystonia: Model for Maladaptive Neuroplasticity. American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS), Annual Meeting. Bahamas (2015)

Novel use of Motion Analysis Technology: Application to Upper Extremity Assessment, AACPDM Annual Meeting, San Diego (2014)

Analysis of complex upper extremity movement dysfunction, Schneider's Children's Hospital, Petakh Tikvah, Israel (2014)

Cortical control of hand function, ASHT Annual Meeting, Boston (2014)

Use of Motion Capture Systems in the Diagnosis and Investigation of Upper Extremity Movement, ASHT Annual Meeting, San Diego (2012)


Clinician Scientist, Hospital for Special Surgery