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Selected Publications

Gonzalez Della Vale, A., Doty, S., Gradl, G., Labissiere, A. and B.J. Nestor (2004) Wear of a Highly Cross Linked Polyethylene Liner Associated with Metallic Deposition on a Ceramic Femoral Head. J. Arthroplasty 19:532-536.

Wang, L., Ciani, C., Doty, S.B., and S.P. Fritton. (2004) Delineating Bone's Interstitial Fluid Pathway in vivo. Bone 34:499-509.

Kloen, P., Doty, S.B., Gordon, E., Rubel, I.F., Goumans, M.J., and D.L. Helfet. (2002) Expression and Activation of the BMP-signalling Components in Human Fracture Nonunions. J. Bone Jt. Surgery 84A:1909-1918.

Aparicio, S., Doty, S.B., Camacho, N.P., Paschalis, E.P., Spevak, L., Mendelsohn, R., and A.L. Boskey. (2002) Optimal Methods for Processing Mineralized Tissues for Fourier Transform Infrared Microscopy. Calcif. Tissue. Int. 70:422-429.

Doty, S.B., Stiner, D., and W.G. Telford (1999) The Effect of Spaceflight on Cartilage Cell Cycle and Differentiation. J. Gravitational Physiology. 6:P89-P90.

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Research Description

Morphological Evaluation of Bone, Cartilage, and Connective Tissues

The laboratory has the expertise to evaluate various components of the musculoskeletal system either at the adult or embryonic stage of development, and to relate morphological adaptations to normal functional aspects of the involved tissues. The techniques presently available for such studies include, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, processing of calcified tissues, morphometric measurements at the tissue and cellular level of interest, immunocytochemistry, histochemistry, and various light microscopy related techniques. A major interest is to collect morphometric measurements at the cell or tissue level, so that quantitative evaluation of morphological changes can be determined on a statistical basis.

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