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General Equipment:

  • Microtome for JB-4 sectioning of plastic embedded samples.
  • Two Reichert Jung Polycut E sliding microtomes for sectioning calcified bone samples in methylmethacrylate or extra large paraffin embedded samples.
  • Hacker Bright cryostat for obtaining frozen sections.
  • LKB glass knife maker for Ralph knives for JB-4 sectioning.
  • VIP Tissue Processor for paraffin embedding .
  • Vibratome for obtaining non-frozen sections for histo- and immunohistochemistry.
  • Reichert rotary microtome for paraffin sectioning.
  • Nikon Microphot FXA photographic and microscope system for fluorescence and transmitted light.
  • Olympus light microscope for film photography and also fitted with video camera.

Image Analysis System:

  • Metamorph Imaging System from Universal Imaging Corp.
  • Sony CCD/RGB video camera.
  • Sony Color video printer.
  • Separate monitors for computer and image analysis, or for light microscopy and photography.
  • Universal Imaging Workstation with Pentium 166 microprocessor, CD ROM drive, extra capacity memory.
  • Bioquant Nova Image system for morphometric analysis of bone; Optronics 3-chip camera for fluorescence and light microscopy.


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