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Radiology & Imaging

Radiologic Interpretation

All imaging studies performed at Hospital for Special Surgery are interpreted by Board Certified Radiologists with subspecialty experience in the manifestations of orthopaedic and rheumatic conditions. Board certification in radiology requires years of training beyond medical school, internship and residency and satisfaction of both written and oral examinations. Certification by the American Board of Radiology assures quality care, expertise in quality image acquisition and safe use of ionizing radiation & magnetic resonance.

Official interpretation by an experienced radiologist enables subtle x-ray findings (e.g., infections, systematic diseases, tumors, fracture, etc.) to be detected early, before an abnormality has progressed until it is more obvious and easier to recognize on imaging. A delay in accurate diagnosis considerably affects treatment and ultimate patient outcome and adds to patient discomfort and inconvenience as well as increased medical costs.

Quality of care is top priority at Hospital for Special Surgery. In order to assure quality of care and patient protection, The Joint Commission (TJC) requires an official interpretation and an authenticated report by a radiologist for all imaging procedures and examinations preformed in an "accredited" hospital. Hospital for Special Surgery is an accredited hospital and official interpretation of imaging studies at HSS are by a Board Certified Radiologists with subspecialty training. HSS acquired images and the reports are maintained in the Hospital medical records.

When the interpretation of an imaging examination is performed after treatment, it might seem unnecessary and the bill for the official interpretation redundant and unwarranted, however, the independent review by a physician specially trained in image acquisition and interpretation is in the best interest of our patients.

The Board of Trustees, the Administration, and the Physicians of Hospital for Special Surgery are concerned with the delivery of excellent quality patient care and also with escalating medical costs. Cost containment is every physician's responsibility while assuring  that cost-containing restrictions do not jeopardize a person's health, well being or access to quality care. The Radiologists and the Staff of the Department of Radiology & Imaging take pride in reviewing orders for imaging examinations in order to eliminate unnecessary examinations and to prevent duplication and redundancy.


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