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Surgical Volume

When choosing a hospital for your surgery, you will want to choose a hospital and surgeon with experience in the particular surgery that you need. Medical evidence has long shown that the more you do something, the better you get.

Surgical volume is one reason to choose HSS. No hospital in the world performs more joint replacement surgeries than HSS. We are truly experts at what we do.

hip knee volume chart

Because HSS is devoted exclusively to orthopedics and rheumatology, every one of our doctors, scientists, nurses, and therapists is a specialist in a particular area of joint or immune system medicine. These specialists perform an unsurpassed number of procedures, so that surgeries that are rare at other hospitals are routine procedures at HSS. At HSS, our joint replacement specialists perform an average of 271 joint replacement surgeries per year.

HSS performs more hip surgeries and more knee replacements than any other hospital in the nation. HSS doctors pioneered the first modern artificial knee replacement and developed new surgical techniques, smaller instruments, smaller implants, and regional anesthesia blocks to facilitate minimally invasive hip and knee replacements.

spine fusion volume chart


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