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Photo of Dr. Pellicci

Paul M. Pellicci, MD

Orthopedic Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement
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Photo of Dr. Pellicci

Paul M. Pellicci, MD

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Hospital for Special Surgery
535 East 70th Street 3rd floor
New York, NY 10021

Tel: 212.606.1010
Fax: 212.744.9145
Hospital for Special Surgery
535 East 70th Street 3rd floor
New York, NY 10021

Tel: 212.606.1010
Fax: 212.744.9145

Dr. Paul M. Pellicci received his education and training at Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Harvard. He began his practice in orthopedic surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery in 1981. He is a member of the prestigious Hip Society. Dr. Pellicci has over 90 publications in the orthopedic literature.

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Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery
Chief Emeritus, Hip Service, Hospital for Special Surgery
Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College
Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital


Special Expertise

Young active patients requiring hip or knee replacement


HSS Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018
America's Top Doctors, 2004-2018
Top Doctors in New York Metro Area, 2002-2018
New York Magazine Best Doctors, 2002-2012
Patients' Choice Physician Award, 2010-2012
Philip D. Wilson, Jr., Teaching Award, Hospital for Special Surgery, 1996, 2005
Otto AuFranc Award for Clinical Research, The Hip Society, 1991
American Orthopedic Association Traveling Fellowship, 1981
Lewis Clark Wagner Award, Outstanding Resident's Paper, Hospital for Special Surgery, 1980
The T. Campbell Thompson Prize for Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery, 1975
The John Metcalf Polk Prize for General Efficiency, Cornell University Medical College, 1975
Alpha Omega Alpha (President), Cornell University Medical College, 1974
Graduated with General Honors and Departmental Honors - Biology, The Johns Hopkins University, 1971
Phi Beta Kappa, The Johns Hopkins University, 1970
Freshman Honors, The Johns Hopkins University, 1967



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MD, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York


Hospital for Special Surgery
The New York Hospital


Brigham & Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Adult Reconstructive Surgery, Boston, Massachusetts


Orthopaedic Surgery

State Licensure

New York

Patient Education by Dr. Pellicci on HSS.edu

Selected Publications

Pellicci, P.M., Padgett, D.E.  Atlas of Total Hip Replacement.  Churchill-Livingstone.  New York, 1995

Markel, D.C., Miskovsky, C., Sculco T.P., Pellicci P.M., Salvati EA: Core Decompression for Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head.  C.O.R.R., 323:226, 1996

Pellicci, P., Bostrom, M., Poss, R.  Posterior Approach to THR Using Enhanced Posterior Soft Tissue Repair.  C.O.R.R., 355:224, 1998

Ricci W, Westrich GH, Lorei M, Pellicci PM, Sculco TP, Wilson PDW Jr: Primary Total Hip Replacement with a Noncemented Acetabular Component: Minimum 5-Year Clinical Follow-Up.  J. Arthroplasty. 15:146, 2000

Pellicci PM, Tria AJ, Garvin KL, Eds.  Orthopaedic Knowledge Update.  Hip and Knee Reconstruction 2.  AAOS, 2000

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DiGiovanni, CW, Restreppo, A, Sharrock, NE, Sculco, TP, Pellicci, P, Salvati, EA.  The Safety and Efficacy of Intraoperative Heparin in THA.  C.O.R.R. 379:178, 2000

Wright JM, Pellicci PM, Salvati EA, Ghelman B, Roberts M, Koh JL.  Bone Density Adjacent to Press-Fit Acetabular Components.  J.B.J.S. 83A:529, 2001

MacCauley W, Salvati EA, Sculco TP, Pellicci PM: Single Stage Bilateral Total Hip Arthroscopy.  Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 10:214, 2002

Mahoney CR, Pellicci PM: Complications in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: Avoidance and Management of Dislocations.  AAOS Instructional Course Lectures.  Vol 52, p. 247, 2003

Shapiro GS, Weiland DE, Markel DC, Padgett DE, Sculco TP, Pellicci PM.  The Use of a Constrained Acetabular Component for Recurrent Dislocation.  J. Arthroplasty.  18:250, 2003

Su, EP and Pellicci PM.  The Role of Constrained Liners in Total Hip Arthroplasty.  Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research.  No. 420:122, March 2004

Pellicci PM and Su EP: Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: Posterolateral Approach – In Advanced Reconstruction Hip.  AAOS.  2005

Anderson JA, Baldini, A, MacDonald JH, Pellicci PM, Sculco TP. Primary Constrained Condylar Knee Arthroplasty without Stem Extensions for the Valgus Knee. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. No. 442:199-203.Jan. 2006

F. Boettner and P.M. Pellicci. Review: Posterior Soft Tissue Repair in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty. HSSJ (2006) 2: 7-11

Edwin P. Su, MD; Craig R. Mahoney, MD; Paul M. Pellicci, MD; Douglas E. Padgett, MD and Ronald S. Adler, MD: Integrity of Repaired Posterior Structures after Total Hip Arthroscopy. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. No. 43-47. June 2006

James E. Voos, Anil S. Ranawat, Paul M. Pellicci, Robert L. Buly, Eduardo A. Salvati:  Varus Rotational Osteotomies for Adults with Hip Dysplasia. A 20 year Follow-up.  Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. Number 457, pp.138-143. (2007)

Carol A. Mancuso MD, Suzanne Graziano RN, Lisa M. Briskie RN, Margaret G. E. Peterson PhD, Paul M. Pellicci MD, Eduardo A. Salvati MD, Thomas P. Sculco MD:  Randomized Trials to Modify Patients’ Preoperative Expectations of Hip and Knee Arthroplasties. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (2008) 466: 424-431

Pellicci PM, Boettner F, Potter H. MRI Evaluation of Posterior Soft Tissue Repair Following Total Hip Replacement. Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research. Accepted for Publication.

For more publications, please see the PubMed listing.

Professional Education by Dr. Pellicci on HSS.edu

Research Interests

Reduction of dislocation rates following total hip replacement