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Leon Root, MD, Pediatric Outreach Program

Hospital for Special Surgery’s Leon Root, MD, Pediatric Outreach Program (POP) is a unique sports injury prevention program for middle school and high school athletes from diverse communities in the Bronx and Manhattan.

The goal of POP is to prevent injuries in young athletes participating in sports by offering them injury prevention screenings at no cost.

The program has two components:

  • A musculoskeletal evaluation to detect any bone, muscles, and joint problems related to student/athlete participation in sports
  • A movement analysis assessment to detect deficiencies in flexibility, strength, and posture

POP is performed on-site at schools during weekdays by a multidisciplinary, diverse team of HSS orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and a sports performance specialist.

POP educates athletes and coaches on proper movement patterns and provides comprehensive feedback for injury prevention.

For more information
To find out more about POP or to schedule a screening, please contact Vilma Briones, MA manager at or 212.774.2886 or Dr. Daniel Green at or 212.606.1631.

We would like to thank Dr. Leon Root, founder of the Leon Root, MD, Pediatric Outreach Program, for his invaluable contribution to medically underserved children in New York City for 26 years.