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Changing the Game

Westport Magazine—August 29, 2017

Westport Magazine featured HSS sports medicine surgeon Moira M. McCarthy, MD in an article about the rising trend of youth sports injuries. Dr. McCarthy reviewed common injuries young athletes face, such as a torn ACL.

Dr. McCarthy said the injury of an ACL, which stabilizes the knee joint, is a devastating one for a young athlete because it can take them out of the game for up to a year of post-surgical recovery. She added this injury is most common in athletes engaged in sports that involve frequent starting and stopping, such as soccer and tennis.

According to the article, overuse injuries are common for baseball pitchers due to repeatedly throwing the baseball at a high speed. Dr. McCarthy pointed out that many serious players now compete on multiple teams per season that can span 7 months.

This article originally appeared at westportmag.com. This article appeared in the September 2017 print issue.

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