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Turkey Bowl 2016 Darien at New Canaan Football

HAN Network—November 24, 2016

HSS sports medicine surgeon Moira M. McCarthy, MD, is interviewed by HAN Network during their coverage of the annual Turkey Bowl, a football showdown between the Darien Blue Wave and New Canaan Rams. She discusses injury prevention and how to know when an injury is serious with anchor Kate Czaplinski.

"If you know your sport involves a lot of cutting and pivoting activities, it's really a great idea to get in shape before the season starts to make sure not only are you in shape cardiac-wise but also for the particular sport," said Dr. McCarthy.

Dr. McCarthy notes to watch out for swelling as that may signal a serious injury.

She shares her criteria before clearing a patient: they need to be pain-free, they have to have full strength and range of motion and finally, they need their confidence back.

Dr. McCarthy practices at the HSS Stamford Outpatient Center.

This video originally appeared at Live.Han.Network.


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