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Todd Albert Takes on OR Efficiency

Orthopedics This Week—February 2, 2015

It's pretty hard to improve on perfection, but Todd Albert, M.D. is finding a way. Dr. Albert, surgeon-in-chief and medical director at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), began his post in July 2014 after serving as president of the Rothman Institute.

He tells OTW, "I am determined to make our operating rooms as efficient as possible...HSS is known for its amazing quality, however, so we are moving forward cautiously."

"We are evaluating everything, including start times and turnover times. When you examine start time you must dig into what exactly goes into that, namely sign in, healthcare compliance steps, the anesthesiology check, getting the room ready, etc. It is no mistake that we have taken a checklist approach from the airlines and applied it to hospitals...it works."

"The other big push nationally is for 100% safety. I want it to be completely understood that people can speak up at any time if they see something that does not appear safe."

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