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Stop Back Pain Now With Dr. Vijay Vad

KPBS.org—March 25, 2011

It is no secret that chronic back pain is a huge medical issue – for individuals who suffer it; for a health care system that suffers with it; for the economy, which suffers from it (back pain is one of the most common reasons for lost days of work and lost productivity). And chronic pain is a very democratic health issue, affecting men and women, athletes and couch potatoes, laborers and CEOs, rural and urban dwellers, those who do the heavy lifting and those who manage the heavy lifters. A visit to the doctor for back pain is the second most common reason for office visits in the U.S.

This special program, hosted by Dr. Vijay Vad, a sports medicine specialist at the renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, will empower chronic back pain sufferers with the medically-proven information and insights that he provides to his patients--the celebrity superstar athletes and regular folks, who are connected by the shared agony of spine dysfunction. Dr. Vad's clinically-proven approach, integrating the best of Western and Ayurvedic medical approaches, has changed the lives of thousands of people, and returned them to full function.

Dr. Vad is an expert in chronic pain, and 50 percent of his practice is devoted to chronic back pain issues. He has researched back pain extensively, publishing many articles for peer review on the subject. He continues to develop more effective treatments for back pain with his clinical research.

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