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Why You Need to Wear Different Shoes for Different Workouts

SELF.com—May 31, 2017

SELF.com featured an article on the best variety of shoes to own for different workouts. Leigh-Ann Plack PT, DPT, USATF-L1, physical therapist at HSS, advised to get running shoes as an investment piece. "If you’re going to hand over your credit card for any type of specialized shoe, this where to do it, especially if you’re running more than a few miles at a time or if you have a history of any foot pains or lower-body injuries while running," Plack explained. "Running shoes tend to go heavy on both support and cushioning."

For weight lifting, Plack advised using footwear meant to replicate being barefoot. "The benefit here is that you get even more proprioception. You have a ton of different receptors in your feet that give your brain input on where your body is in space and what muscles you do and don’t need to activate to maintain proper form."

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