Minimally Invasive Approach Could Reduce Complications Associated with Wrist Fractures

CBS New York—March 2, 2016

CBS New York’s Dr. Max Gomez explains a new minimally invasive approach to wrist surgery that reduces complications associated with metal plates, screws and pegs used to repair a wrist fracture.

Dr. Gomez states that instead of using a plate and screws to repair the break, a Conventus DRS System uses an expandable metal cage that goes inside the broken bone.

"The hardware isn't exposed to the tendons, to the nerves, the incisions can be smaller. The thought being we can reduce some of the soft tissue complications that are associated with the traditional treatments of surgery," said Scott W. Wolfe, MD, a hand and upper extremity surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Dr. Gomez also speaks with Eileen Medinger, a patient of Dr. Wolfe who underwent this procedure and who explains that her scars are almost invisible.

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