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6 Common Injuries You Should Never Try to Train Through

Runner's World—June 26, 2017

Runner's World featured an article on common running injuries that should be treated and not ignored.

HSS physical therapist Julie Khan, PT, DPT, SCS, USATF-L1 said stress fractures are important to treat. Stress fractures, which are microscopic breaks in the bone, can turn into a complete break after prolonged activity. "If you have had a stress fracture, the likelihood of getting another one is quite high, so it is important to see a sports medicine physician who specializes in stress fractures in order to determine why you got it in the first place," she said.

"He or she can perform blood tests to look at hormone, calcium, and vitamin D levels to ensure these blood values are normal," she added.

For runner's knee, Ms. Khan advised doing strength-training exercises. "Some of my favorite exercises are lateral walks, glute bridges, side-plank clams, and front planks."

This article originally appeared at runnersworld.com.




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