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New York Sports and Beyond: August 6, 2017

ESPN Radio—August 6, 2017

ESPN New York’s radio program New York Sports and Beyond interviewed HSS sports medicine surgeon Joshua S. Dines, MD, in a segment about the treatment and prevention of common injuries in athletes.

When asked about the rising trend of Tommy John surgery for young baseball pitchers, Dr. Dines said it has become a problem due to athletes playing year-round instead of taking seasonal breaks. He said by playing different sports, "you give your arm time to rest". Dr. Dines noted that throwing a baseball is not normal. "It’s a ton of stress on the shoulder and the elbow. The more throws you make, the more likely your elbow is going to break down". He added that the ligament sometimes can’t withstand the stress if the supporting muscles aren’t strong enough.

During the interview, Dr. Dines also discussed the importance of injury prevention for athletes and non-athletes. For those who are starting a new workout regiment, Dr. Dines noted it’s important to listen to your body and exercise in moderation.

When asked about the future of sports medicine, Dr. Dines said "we’re constantly evolving and coming up with better ways to fix things. I don’t think we’ve cured every problem, I think we have treatments for the majority of them now which is good, but I think it’s a good thing that patients are always demanding that we improve outcomes to get them back to where they were before their injured state."

Dr. Dines discussed using biologics as well as a better rehabilitation process to help get athletes back in the game.

Listen to the full broadcast on espn.com (beginning at the 14:50 mark). This segment aired live during the August 6, 2017 broadcast on 98.7 FM.


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