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Dr. Mayman answers questions about knee replacement surgery

NBCNews.com—August 8, 2013

As Brian Williams prepares to undergo his own knee replacement surgery, “Nightly News” examines the decision to replace worn-down knee cartilage, an increasingly common surgery that will be performed about 650,000 times this year alone.

Are you considering knee replacement surgery or recovering from having had a knee replacement? On Thursday Dr. David Mayman from Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City answered questions about the procedure.

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Comment From Russell:
At what age should I contemplate knee replacement surgery. Had unhappy triad on left knee when 19 and had ACL replacement. Have little to no cartilage in knee and can tell muscle difference between knees. Still walk without pain but running without a brace is unbearable and with a brace is not much better.

Dr. Mayman:
Condition of the knee is more important than age. We like young people to wait as long as possible before proceeding with knee replacement surgery as the implants don't last forever, but when your level of function declines, and no other treatment options are helpful, knee replacement can improve your symptoms and function.

Comment From Dick Whelan
How long for full healing to take place after surgery?

Dr. Mayman:
The recovery from knee replacement surgery can be long. We have techniques today that are less invasive than in the past, but a full recovery still takes 6 - 12 months. Some of my patients tell me that the knee continues to feel better and better for 2 - 3 years after surgery.


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