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Bird Crazy

Prevention—May 16, 2017

Prevention featured an article on the benefits of bird watching, and interviewed HSS physiatrist Alice Chen, MD. Dr. Chen advised different ways to avoid and alleviate pain while bird watching.

"If your back feels sore after bird watching, lie on your back, slowly bring your knees toward your chest, and rotate your hips from side to side."

She advised to avoid neck pain by having a "zero-gravity beach chair, which tilts to support your head and neck as you gaze upward."

Dr. Chen also discussed the benefits of bird watching, and how the "uneven terrain encourages better use of your core muscles. It's a more functional activity than say, walking on a treadmill."

To read the full article, go to prevention.com [subscription needed]. This article also appeared in the June 2017 print edition.



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