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Q&A: Why Does My Nose Get Stuffy After a Workout?

Women's Health—July 24, 2014

The question: A lot of times when I push myself hard during a workout, I feel like I have a mini cold for like three hours, and then it goes away. Why does this happen?

The expert: Sabrina Strickland, M.D., an orthopedic sports surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery.

The answer: First the bad news: Since this annoying problem isn't actually all that common, not much research has been done to explain why it happens. Try observing which areas of the gym trigger this reaction. For example, if you're totally fine after a bootcamp class but always start sniffing after hitting the treadmill, you might be allergic to the chemicals used to clean the equipment, says Strickland (who has patients who can't work out at a gym for that exact reason). If you can nail down what aggravates your nose, you can avoid that area completely or see an allergist to get tested and get a prescription antihistamine.

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